Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing

I give this swing a FOUR star rating as it kept my little man happy, content and sleepy! This is a newer version of the one we bought four years ago. Several things make this particular swing stand out from the others. It engulfs baby is such soft plush padding, who couldn't fall asleep in it? Also, it not only swings front to back but also side to side! Our son didn't like swinging front to back, but instantly fell asleep when swinging side to side. It was wonderful!

Along with those great features, it has musical motion above and different tunes to enjoy.
  • Includes 10 tunes - 5 soothing and 5 happy - along with 3 nature sound effects

  • Swing features 6 speeds

  • Swing features 3 seat positions
My reasoning for the FOUR star rating is that it operates off of batteries rather than an A/C adaptor like other swings. You can imagine how many batteries you'll go through if your baby naps in this heavenly swing. I have heard though that in these newer version from Fisher-Price you may be able to contact them to purchase an A/C adaptor inexpensively.

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